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Eat Your Words

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Marketing, Self Publishing, Small Presses

Small presses and self published authors have come up with many interesting and unique ideas to promote their books.  But here’s an article about a larger press taking a new approach that everyone could probably use, though on a smaller scale.

Random House is partnering with others to sell tickets to events that include a free copy of the author’s book.  You can read the article below for specific details of what they plan, but to put it in a smaller perspective, let’s think of a way it might work for you.

Is there a restaurant in your area that has a reputation for great food?  This could be anything from a famous greasy spoon to gourmet, award winning fine dining.  If there is a way to forge a connection between what they do and what your book is about, even better.  If, for instance, your story takes place in Paris, how about approaching someone well known for their french cuisine?

Now, pitch the idea of their hosting a special event, possibly on a night when their business is slow.  They could offer special prices on some of their signature dishes.  You could offer copies of your book to give to each party that makes a reservation.

You might even be able to throw in an author signing.  You could sit at a table near the entrance and sign books as people left with a full, happy belly.  Bring a few books along in case someone wants to buy an extra copy.  Advertisement for the event could be shared between yourself and the restaurant, and benefit both.

Then again, why stop at restaurants?  What other venues can you think of that might be open to this type of event that could be good business for you as well as them.  Be creative.  Isn’t that, after all, what writers do best?

Random House of Canada is experimenting with a different kind of book tour this fall–one that guarantees book sales from every person attending a launch. Working with strategic marketing partners such as Fairmont Hotels and Air Miles, the company is creating ticketed events that include a copy of the book in the price.

via Random House of Canada Tests New Book Tour Model.