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Facebook Timelines

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Social Media

Social Media Examiner has proven to be a fun and informative site.  Check out the link below for samples of how companies are using Facebook’s new Timeline view.  Even though the examples are of commercial companies, they can be good tips for authors as well.  This article highlights 5 specific things you can do:

  1. Adding Interesting Milestones
  2. Incorporating the Profile Picture Into Your Cover Photo
  3. Telling a Story With Photos
  4. Branding With Apps
  5. Using the About Section to Give a Call to Action

#4 Apps is one that I was trying to figure out the other day, and lo and behold, Social Media Examiner has a post about that, too.  Really, you should check these guys out and share with me what you find.

Are you wondering how businesses are creatively using Facebook’s Timeline features?  Business timelines are blooming all over Facebook.

via 5 Ways Businesses Are Using Facebook Timelines | Social Media Examiner.

The changes Facebook Timeline has made to Pages might be a mixed bag, but I am liking the detailed view you get of who has been looking at what on your page.  I plan to keep on eye on this in future to hopefully improve my content and give people what they seem to want.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This was supposed to post tomorrow, March 30, which is actually the day the change takes place.  I had my posting scheduling off by one day, though, so you’re actually getting this a day early.  😦 )

Changing your Facebook Page to the new timeline view is no longer a choice.  As of today, all pages should be using the new view.  Some features have gone bye bye and some new ones are now available. 

I switched over my page for Painted Black a while ago and so far my only complaint is that when someone besides me posts to the page, it gets condensed into a little window with everyone else’s and does not display prominently at all.  See the image to the right which I copied from New Libri’s site.

I posted to the help line as did several others asking if there is any way to fix this but so far I’ve not seen a response.

Here are a few links to tell you more about what to expect.

Here is Facebook’s official Help page about the new view.  I would start here if you’re trying to understand how to make the most of your new page.


Here’s an article about how the new changes might affect how you use it for promotion.

If you use your Facebook page to track how much traffic you’re getting, here is a cautionary article about how the new view might affect your numbers.


Here are some links to articles on what the changes mean to you specifically as an author.


There’s even a Facebook Page set up as a place to vent your complaints about the Facebook Page.

Facebook for Authors

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Marketing, Social Media

Here’s an informative article to read on Facebook Friday.

Facebook dominates the social networking world. But how can authors use the Facebook platform to promote their books and find new readers? Naturally, you should be talking about your writing on your personal profile just as you talk about other aspects of your life, but there are some good reasons why you should make the leap and take the focused promotion efforts off of your personal Facebook profile and create a Facebook page dedicated to your literary pursuits.

via Facebook for Authors: Setting up an author page, Pt. 1 | BookBaby Blog.

More and more there are articles and blogs and posts being written pointing to social media as an important tool to marketing yourself and your book.  Enough to be convincing, I think, that it must be true.

The article linked below gives you a detailed explanation of 31 ways to increase the popularity of your Facebook Page.

1 – Put your Facebook page URL in your email signature.

2 – Write a blog post about your new Facebook page.

3 – Tag other people’s high-traffic Facebook pages in your updates.

4 – Ask your Twitter followers to like your Facebook page.

5 – Invest in Facebook ads.

6 – Put a Facebook social plugin on your blog or website.

7 – Implement Facebook comments on your website or blog.

8 – Customize your Facebook page URL.

9 – Put your Facebook page URL on your business cards.

10 – Put a link on your personal Facebook profile.

11 – Get your team involved.

12 – Ask your fans to post a link.

13 – Tag your YouTube videos.

14 – Put your Facebook page URL on your Twitter profile background.

15 – Create a QR code for your Facebook page.

16 – Tell your fans.

17 – Add a Facebook Like box.

18 – Use targeted keywords in a Google AdWords ad.

19 – Redirect webinar guests to your Facebook page.

20 – Feature your Facebook page in your presentation slides.

21 – Run a contest.

22. Connect your Facebook page to your Twitter profile.

23. Encourage your contacts to ask questions on your Facebook wall.

24. Put your Facebook page URL on other social media pages.

25. Feature your Facebook page in offline ads.

26. Rely on word of mouth and word of mouse.

27. Invite your ezine subscribers.

28. Get Fans to join via mobile SMS.

29. Comment on other people’s Facebook posts.

30. Do a blog tour promoting your Facebook page.

31. Invite your friends.

If you want your Facebook fan page to be effective and stand out, you have to get people to find and like your page. Here are a few ways to do that (inspired by a recent post by Justin Wise on Social Media Examiner).

A prominent Facebook page can be crucial to your book marketing and book promotion campaigns.

via 31 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page | Ask John Kremer.

Facebook Pages are important for a few reasons. They’ve been showing up high in search engine positions. Also, you can get unlimited “fans” for your Facebook Page, unlike the limit of 5,000 friends that your regular Facebook Profile is capped at. They’re visible to search engines and visitors, too. It’s almost like a social networking mailing list that you can reach out to at any time!

via How to Create A Facebook Page.

Next week I am going to be meeting with my publisher to talk about the cover for Painted Black (Yay!) and also how we want to promote on Facebook.  I’m hoping he knows a lot more about that than I do.  I did figure out how to create a Facebook page for my book, but then I looked at it and said “what now?”

The Squidoo article quoted above does a great job telling you how to create a Facebook page.  It also gives some tips as to how to promote your page and other info on how Facebook pages work.  But basically, if I’m reading correctly, what you do with the page once you’ve created it, is–you guessed it–post stuff.

So like, what’s the big deal about that?  Isn’t that what a web page is for, or a blog like the one I created for my novel And what the heck am I supposed to post on it anyway?

I guess the idea is that the more places you promote your book the better, even if they seem repetitive or redundant.  After all, there are people on Facebook who may never see my webpage.  And people who find my webpage might not be Facebook members.  (Oh, you can close your mouth now.  I don’t think Facebook has quite taken control of the universe yet.)

So my biggest question is what kind of things should I be posting on these various sites–Facebook, blog, webpage?  What works?  Only a publicist knows for sure. Or maybe a publisher.  I guess I’ll find out next week after I meet with New Libri Press.  Then I pass the skinny on to you guys.