Peeling the Onion

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My rage weakens me, trembles from inward out till my limbs quiver and my voice leaks out in breathless spurts. Fear feeds my fury until I am one fucking step away from totally freaking out. I want to slam… smash… thrust away. Leave… me… alone.

Ugliness lives inside of me, but I’m a good girl. I’m always a good girl; Daddy taught me right. My head spins, my stomach burns, but I swallow all the screams. No ripping anyone to shreds with my fingernails.

No matter how much they piss me off.

So I hide when I can, as soon as I can, bury myself deep while the rage burns down to a red coal beneath ash and soot that flakes and drifts in the gentle breeze of ordinary. Until the next time. Until…it happens…again.

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