The Short Stories

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Weeping Widows:  A collection of my Cynical Bitch Mini-mysteries, downloadable on Kindle or Smashwords.  Evelyn A. Archer named her detective agency “Undercover Operations” because catching spouses between the sheets with someone they’re not wedded to is her specialty. Two long years of marriage had taught her where her talents lie.




Red Light, Green Light: How far will a kid go to survive on the streets of Chicago? When life is a series of stops and starts, it’s easy to go too far before you know it. Chris started out like a golden apple on a tree. Will he ripen in the sunshine and reach his full potential, or will he fall and rot before someone can save him?

Peeling the Onion:  Homeless and filled with rage, Star battles to survive life on the streets and escape the past. Will she give in to the dark voice in her head or come to terms with memories that drive her to the edge?

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