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My sister is the one who warned me about Amazon’s change to the way you download books using Kindle apps.  She has an iPhone.  I was thinking the Android might not be affected by the change, but when my phone recently updated, I see that the Kindle app updated as well, and seems to be directing me to the Amazon website when I want to buy/download new books, so I guess Android was not immune.  But here’s a new twist.

A few weeks ago, after Apple began enforcing the new iOS terms, one eBook reader, Kobo, came out and said that they would work on a web app to bypass the restrictions. But again, others like Amazon and Barnes & Noble remained mum, and changed their apps to remove links to their stores. Turns out, Amazon was quietly doing the same thing. And now it’s ready to go. And it’s very good.

via Amazon’s Answer To Apple’s Terms: A Web-Based Kindle Cloud Reader — Brilliant On PC, Better On iPad | TechCrunch.



Posted: June 1, 2011 in Small Presses
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Dedicated to promoting Indie (and not so Indie) authors and their work, one excerpt at a time.

via indiebookslist.

If you have a book to promote, or enjoy supporting independent booksellers by buying books from them, this site is an interesting promotional tool I found thanks to the forums at Amazon KDP.  Authors submit a chapter excerpt and information about their book, then this site posts two of them a day.

Try it, you might find a book you want to read.

My First Sale!

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Self Publishing
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Thanks to whoever you are–I earned a whole 35 cents!  And that is not sarcasm talking.  I hope you like it.

Peeling the Onion and Red Light, Green Light are both short stories for sale for Amazon Kindle and the Nook.