WordPress and Word 2010

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Links

Yes, I’m doing it again—allowing myself to be sidetracked by technology when I should be working on creating fiction.

I recently upgraded to Word 2010 and still have a lot to learn about its benefits. At my regular job, I have access to Word 2007, but for my personal writing, I had only been using Word 2003. Ancient, I know, but it worked for what I needed at least. Thanks to a monetary Christmas gift I’ve been saving for just the right purchase, I have finally moved into the 21st century word processing-wise.

My first diversion this morning was investigating how to save files to the Microsoft Skydrive. When I am home, I use a desktop computer and am always plugged into the internet, thanks to my Sprint Evo phone with its hotspot. But I have recently taken to joining a group of writers twice a month at a local coffee shop where we write for an hour (individually, but gathered together at the same tables) then talk for fifteen minutes. It had been helpful in that I feel a sense of accountability to get actual writing done during that time, but also to help me “feel” like a writer, which I’ve found is an important component to actually accomplishing any writing.

So since I take a laptop to these meetings, I now need to find the most efficient way of making sure I am always working on the most current copy of my manuscript. Sure I could save files to a thumb drive and cart it back and forth, but is there a better way and, preferably, an automated way?

Yes, I found. I could decide to save my files to the Microsoft Skydrive and can even select it as the default location for my files and backup files. I haven’t yet decided if that’s what I’m going to do, though. What happens if I don’t have internet access because my hotspot’s not working, for instance?

But as I was playing with the Skydrive save feature, I notice that In the Save and Send menu of Word 2010, there is a Publish as Blog Post option. And lo and behold, WordPress is one of the blog sites it offers as an option.

So this post is an experiment with how efficiently that works. It would be handy since using the WordPress New Post screen has its limitations. I’m going to insert sample pictures and even try some font sizes and styles
to see what if anything will translate to the WordPress page. I also wonder if it will let me choose which blog to send this to. Subject matter-wise, this post probably belongs to my Writer’s Resources page, but the Debra R. Borys site is my “default” page in WordPress so it may end up there.

We’ll all by surprised together, won’t we? I’ll add notes or comments to the post once it’s done and let you know how the process went and if the experience was a Yay or nay for me.

See my comment below for post publishing observations
  1. dborys says:

    So, one weird thing the Word to WordPress publishing did was insert extra spacing between paragraphs. I had been given the option to change this, however, before I hit Publish in Word–I didn’t because I wanted to see if the extra space came through without fixing. As you can see, it did. One of the things I did have to do is move the title of the Word Document to the title field in WordPress, otherwise this post would be untitled except for a line in the body of the message.

    When I published through Word, it had me set up an “account” for my WordPress blog asking fro the url and password, of course. The odd thing is it gave this account the apparently unchangeable name “Alaska.” And then it directed me to the page it had supposedly published, looking for it at my Alaskan Adventure blog, which is no longer public and has a different url. Even odder, despite being directed to that site, the post didn’t go there, it came here, where I wanted it to.

    It did maintain my font sizes, colors and attributes, and upload the photos, although the image I had aligned right was moved over to the left.

    All in all, I think this was a successful experiment and I will try it again on other posts on this and my other active sites: http://www.debra-r-borys.com and http://www.paintedblacknovel.com, which are also WordPress blogs.

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