ePublishing Houses Rated

Posted: May 1, 2012 in e-Publishing

Confused by the number of e-publishing houses that are out there?  Epublishabook has rated several on their site you might want to check out.

Have you used any of these?  Do you agree with their ratings?

Grid for ratings

B = Service offered

C = Terms and Conditions

D = Credibility

E = Social Media

Click on the name of the ePublishing house to get to a more in-depth information page about it. Publishing Houses in depth pages are added one at a time on a daily basis during weekdays. If the name does appear as linked, it means it has not been added yet. The name of Publishing houses on this list are added at the beginning of the week with the list of those that will be reviewed during the week.

via ePublishing Houses Ratings List | ePublish a Book.

  1. Gobsmacked! cannot believe that this really happened in modern day times. I am so glad I was sat down. We help answer for the future. I will keep track of the issue .

  2. So many comments, so little time. The first comment is the sheer explosion of epublishing houses is data all on its own and worthy of commentary. I am working on a blog entry just on that.

    To your specific point, the “rating” system. I hope any prospective authors drill down on the individual publisher as I think the rating system at the top level simply does not tell you anything.

    The categories are important (e.g. credibility, or services offered) and I am sure that some of the data is nearly impossible to get a hold of, but I would like to know things such as:

    1) Credibility within the publishing industry.
    2) Longevity of the authors (e.g. how many authors stick with the publisher over time, do they publish ONLY one book, etc.).
    3) Do they ever publish print? If they have full rights, how does an author get print out there?
    4) It would be interesting for any of these that has been around for five years or more (and there are a number) to list their most popular author. Data is hard to find, but how many books do they sell per year (this is very hard to dig up, so I am not faulting them, but it would be fun to know).
    5) Do they accept agented submissions?
    6) Are they cross listed in Duotrope and Writer’s Market?

    I could go on, but this is a great start by Epublish a book. Stil, I would start with Duotrope and Writer’s Market and then expand to this list/review.

    I don’t find the Social Media rating at all informative. The truth is that COMPANIES don’t do well on Facebook and Twitter, people do. How many of the authors are active on social media? Really, there needs to be a way to rank the catalog itself: “active authors” and “authors still with publisher,” because the publisher is only as good as its catalog and authors. The authors and books fan base are more important. That will float the epublisher up, or down.

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