Posted: April 19, 2012 in Traditional Publishing

This was too good to post on just one blog.

Debra R. Borys

Technically, this post should go on my Writers Resources blog where I post tidbits about writing and publishing that I find while I am researching ways to succeed at freelancing with lots of really trying.

But Chuck Wendig writes such a damn good post, I just had to share with everyone.  Read his hysterical take on the publishing apocalypse and while you’re there, click around a bit and see what else the man has to say.  You won’t be sorry.  I promise.

Stories aren’t going anywhere. Books still exist, both inside Kindles and on meatspace shelves. If a major publisher goes down in flames, a smaller publisher will wink, shake its hips, and step up to the plate. If a major bookstore chain shits the bed, indies will fill the gap, or another chain will rise. If libraries suck the pipe — well, that’s bad for a community and not…

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