Blog Tours

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Marketing

Rock groups go on concert tours, authors tour through bookstore after bookstore reading and signing books.  Sounds exhausting.  And intimidating if you’re an introvert like most writers.  So try doing a blog tour instead.  Everybody’s doing them.  Here’s just one blog post about the subject.  Try Googling and you’ll find a ton of tips and a ton of blogs waiting to welcome you.

A blog tour consists in booking posts about your book in a number of blogs of which the main topic matches your book. Having your book talked about is the key to getting exposure, hence readers, so the logic is easy to get.

via How to organize a #Blogtour in 6 steps | ePublish a Book.

  1. I offer a free report on the what, why, and how of blog tours (virtual book tours). It includes a lot of the “here’s how to do it info” that we need. You can download it immediately at . I hope it helps!

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