Writing Reality as Fiction

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Links

Writing fiction means creating worlds the reader can believe in.  To do that, we take reality and twist it, a little or a lot.  This is what makes it believable.  I talk about my experience with twisting reality in the article below.

All fiction is reality, really.

I don’t believe you can write any book without writing about real life at the same time. It creeps even into the wildest science fiction and fantasy. I have written a series of short stories set in a dystopian world that falls somewhere between those two genres. The kernel of the world I created is the premise that life once was the way we see it today and the choices humanity made led to the universe of my Last Generation. Even a world or characters that have no connection to human beings relies on how the readers understanding of the real world cause us interpret the motivation and goals of these strange creatures.
via OmniMysteryNews


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