Reviews, Interviews and Podcasts, oh my!

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Marketing

One of the ways I am promoting my novel Painted Black is to find blogs, podcasts and websites that offer free exposure to an author and their work in the form of interviews, guest posts, giveaways, etc.  I’ve been gathering info on those options one by one from places like Linked In and simply by reading interviews other authors have done.  Since I’m doing all this research, and keeping track of it for my own records anyway, I thought maybe I would start sharing that list here as well.  As I gather more, I’ll post future lists as well.

If you are looking for ways to promote your work, why not check out these sites to see if they might be just what you’re looking for?

Venue Type
Name Paper Dragon Ink Interview
Website/address Reviews
Contact Name
Name Kris Wampler Blog Interview
Contact Name Kris Wampler
Name 2012 Writers Alive Blogtalk radio
Contact Name John Byk
Name National Assoc. Women on the Rise Interview
Contact Name Sylvia Browder
Name Morgen Bailey’s Blog Interview
Contact Name Morgan Bailey
Name Margaret Millmore’s blog Author Spotlight
Contact Name Margaret Millmore
Name Thoughtful Reflections Interview
Contact Name Sylvia Ramsey
Name Wise Bear Books Blogtalk radio
Contact Name Quinn Barrett
Name Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews Author/Character Interview
Website/address Reviews
Contact Name Guest posts
Name Artits’ Designers and Things Blogtalk radio
Contact Name Joanne
Name Family Matters/World of Ink Networks Guest Blog
Website/address Podcast
Contact Name VS Grenier
Name OmniMystery Guest post
Website/address Reviews
Name Just Imagine It Ink/Get Behind Me, Now Stay There podcast
Name Your Favorite Book Reviewer Interview
Website/address Review
Contact Name Joey Pinkney
Name Writers Block Party Book Feature
Website/address Reviews
Contact Name Lisa Taylor Author Interview
Name Crazy Lady with a Pen Review
Website/address  Guest blog
Name White Cat Publications Review
Name Night Owl Reviews Review
Website/address Author/Book profile
Name Bookshelved Review
Name Shelf Talk – Seattle Public Library Review
Name Bookpuddle Review
Name Angieville Review
Name All About {n} Review
Name A Book Lovers Review Review
Website/address Interview
Name Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman Blogtalk tadio
Website/address Reviews
Contact Name Ashley Founatinne Interviews
Name AlaskanBookie Reviews
Website/address Interviews
Name Cities of the Mind Interviews
Contact Name Connor Rickett

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