Hogwarts takes on the Muggles

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Links

Amazon being representative of the Muggle world, that is.  Of all the publishing organizations flapping and fuming about Amazon’s apparent invasion into the industry, Pottermore sounds like it could just have the magic it takes to keep them in their place.  Which sorting hat did you end up with?

Instead of buying the ebooks through the Amazon e-commerce system, the buy link takes the customer off to Pottermore to complete the purchase, with the content seamlessly delivered to their Kindle device. It is the first time I’ve known Amazon to allow a third party to “own” that customer relationship, while also allowing that content to be delivered to its device. Amazon gets something like an affiliates’ fee from this transaction, much less than it would expect to receive selling an ebook through normal conditions. Schadenfreude doesn’t even come close.

via How Pottermore cast an ebook spell over Amazon | Books | guardian.co.uk.


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