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Posted: March 26, 2012 in Self Publishing

My original intent for this blog was to chronicle my journey as I followed the path to self publication.  Along that track the karma gods sent me New Libri Press so I never made my initial destination.  Or you could say I achieved my intended outcome–getting published–in a different manner.

However, when I was trying to share what I learned about self publishing, the article linked below is the kind of piece I hoped to be able to offer my readers.  So, while I didn’t actually write it, I hope you can use this helpful article on one woman’s experience with self publishing a Nook Book.

This week, I started working on one of my freelance writing goals for this year; the one about uploading all of Inkwell Editorial’s titles to Barnes and Noble. Immediately I noticed some major differences, the main one being that self-publishing nook ebooks is a lot easier than it is publishing ebooks on Amazon (for Kindle).

Following are three things that immediately stood out to me.

via Inkwell Editorial.


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