Writer Rehab

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Industry News

I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything to this blog, but occasionally I come across a site related to publishing or writing that I think would be of interest to others.  My other two sites www.debra-r-borys and www.paintedblacknovel.com have different purposes and don’t seem the right place to mention these resources, so I’m hoping to revive this blog by posting links as I find them.  They could be related to writing, or publishing, promotion, or freelancing.  The posts will no doubt be random and disorderly, but hopefully at least some of them will prove helpful.

Here’s the first installment:

I have been writing professionally for almost 15 years. That includes screenwriting (yes, I was in the WGA), writing for magazines (the kind you can find at a newsstand), writing my own column (I actually got paid to do this), publishing a non-fiction book (no, I do not mean “self-publishing”), and even copywriting. But this blog is not meant to be about me. It’s meant to be about YOU and your writing journey. I want to make your journey easier because God knows mine wasn’t. I plan to fill this blog with free tools and resources. I paid for the expensive Harvard education and UCLA Film School, and a library full of books on how to write a book proposal, how to get an agent, how to get published, how to write a query letter, and more. So, you don’t have to. Most of those books kinda sucked anyway. I am going to give you real examples of query letters, press kits, contracts, etc, from myself and my friends and colleagues. I am going to interview real working producers, publishers, and agents so that you know what they want to see in writers. That’s my job here. Your job will be to succeed and to pass the information on.

via Writer Rehab: About Writer Rehab.


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