Everybody’s Doing It

Posted: October 20, 2011 in e-Publishing

Authonomy is a site where people post chapters or sometimes whole books.  In return they get read, rated and critiqued by fellow writers.  Those who rate well through this process rise to the top and make it to the Editor’s Desk which means they get read by editors at Harper Collins publishers.  The idea is to catch the editor’s eye and get a book deal with them, although most seem to only get an indepth, helpful review of their work from said editor.

Now it seems Authonomy is also getting into the e-publishing business.  No advance for the author but no mention of a cost to them either.  Instead, the author receives a share in royalties.  There is also the possibility that some titles could earn hard copy production as well.

Wannabe authors post their works to Authonomy, the writing community site launched by HarperCollins in 2008, in the hopes of being discovered and getting published. They’re a step closer to their goal with Authonomy’s launch of a digital imprint, which will “hand pick” the best writers on the site and publish their work as e-originals. Chosen authors won’t receive advances; rather, the imprint is operating on a profit-sharing model. The titles that sell well as e-books will also be released in print.

via HarperCollins’ Writing Community Site Authonomy Adds E-Book Imprint | paidContent:UK.


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