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Posted: October 10, 2011 in Marketing, Social Media
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More and more there are articles and blogs and posts being written pointing to social media as an important tool to marketing yourself and your book.  Enough to be convincing, I think, that it must be true.

The article linked below gives you a detailed explanation of 31 ways to increase the popularity of your Facebook Page.

1 – Put your Facebook page URL in your email signature.

2 – Write a blog post about your new Facebook page.

3 – Tag other people’s high-traffic Facebook pages in your updates.

4 – Ask your Twitter followers to like your Facebook page.

5 – Invest in Facebook ads.

6 – Put a Facebook social plugin on your blog or website.

7 – Implement Facebook comments on your website or blog.

8 – Customize your Facebook page URL.

9 – Put your Facebook page URL on your business cards.

10 – Put a link on your personal Facebook profile.

11 – Get your team involved.

12 – Ask your fans to post a link.

13 – Tag your YouTube videos.

14 – Put your Facebook page URL on your Twitter profile background.

15 – Create a QR code for your Facebook page.

16 – Tell your fans.

17 – Add a Facebook Like box.

18 – Use targeted keywords in a Google AdWords ad.

19 – Redirect webinar guests to your Facebook page.

20 – Feature your Facebook page in your presentation slides.

21 – Run a contest.

22. Connect your Facebook page to your Twitter profile.

23. Encourage your contacts to ask questions on your Facebook wall.

24. Put your Facebook page URL on other social media pages.

25. Feature your Facebook page in offline ads.

26. Rely on word of mouth and word of mouse.

27. Invite your ezine subscribers.

28. Get Fans to join via mobile SMS.

29. Comment on other people’s Facebook posts.

30. Do a blog tour promoting your Facebook page.

31. Invite your friends.

If you want your Facebook fan page to be effective and stand out, you have to get people to find and like your page. Here are a few ways to do that (inspired by a recent post by Justin Wise on Social Media Examiner).

A prominent Facebook page can be crucial to your book marketing and book promotion campaigns.

via 31 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page | Ask John Kremer.


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