Ask Authors Questions on Kindle

Posted: September 1, 2011 in e-Publishing

How many times have you wanted to ask an author a question about something they’ve written?  Kindle is adding a new feature that will allow you to do just that.  Right now there are just a few authors participating in their beta test, but if successful, this could be moved out to more.

There is no word in the article about whether this will work for the Kindle app, or only on the Kindle device, but the way it works is you highlight the passage you have a question about, type @author and your question, and Amazon will tweet the author and post it on their Amazon Author Page.  If the author answers, you’ll receive an email, but even if they don’t answer, other readers might from the Author’s page.

Questions arise when you’re reading a book. Many readers–if the author were near–would likely seek additional clarification on key plot points or characters. And non-fiction readers might pepper the writer with questions pertaining to the book’s thesis, or to correct a factual error.

via New Kindle Feature Lets You Ask Authors Questions | PCWorld.

The Questions and Comments:

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