Technorati Step 2

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Social Media
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No, my dog Sophie did not sit down on my keyboard and accidentally type the string above.  That is my claim code from Technorati, and if you’re reading this post after my claim has been made, you will probably wonder what the heck I’m talking about, because I’m going to remove it once the claim is complete (and I have no idea if that takes minutes, hours or days).

See my post from June 22 about my first exploration of technical madness in an effort to attract more traffic to this blog.  My Technorati claim status was updated by Saturday to give me a claim code I am supposed to put into a new or updated post.  They recommend putting it at the very top so it shows up in the RSS feed and then deleting it once the claim is completed.  Deleting the whole post causes problems, they say.

This all seems a little Greek to me.  I’m still not sure what good, if any, is going to come of all techno-nonsense.  And the support help on both WordPress and Technorati has not been the easiest to follow.  It actually took some searching, for instance, to figure out how and where I was supposed to put the claim code even though both sites could easily had added a short sentence in their “step by step” instructions to tell me that.

I am prepared for the worst.  Not sure yet if that would be a horde of spam email and comments, or finding out that I did all this and absolutely nothing changes.  We’ll see.


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