15 Minutes A Day

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Marketing, Social Media
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Why not tweet about a great blog post you just read, or tweet a snippet about what you’re currently working on? Still too difficult? Then you can just retweet (RT) someone else’s tweet. Best of all, it takes up very little time to build a following—15 minutes every few days is plenty—and at just 140 characters per tweet, it’s quick.

via From the Write Angle: Twitter 101 For Writers.

Happy Twitter Tuesday!

There is certainly a lot more I can learn about how Twitter works.  But anyone can get started without learning much of anything.  Just tweet stuff!

Now don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’m going to deluge everyone with what I had for breakfast this morning.  But if I read something, or hear something or have a question about something that I think others might like to know about, expect to hear from me.  Chances are every once in a while, I am actually going to comment about something that you think is interesting too.

So starting today I vow to spend 15 minutes a day on Twitter getting inspired by others and sharing my thoughts.  See you all there!

  1. Jemi Fraser says:

    Great idea! I love Calista’s post – she really helped me a lot when I signed up for Twitter! She’s brilliant! 🙂

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