The Future Of Books?

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Self Publishing, Traditional Publishing
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Big, slow, ponderous old publishing houses have zero chance of moving as quickly as individual authors who saw an opportunity to sell directly to the readers those bastard publishers had been denying them for so many years. That’s why, if you browse any of the bestseller lists on Amazon’s Kindle store, or Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, among the inevitable James Patterson and Twilight megasellers, and the reams of free, out of copyright classics, you’ll see an amazing number of supercheap titles by writers you’ve never seen in print.

via The Future Of Books Will Be Divided Between Electronic And Print.

When I get discouraged about other authors selling multiple copies of their 99 cent short stories/novels while my two just sit there, I soothe myself with the same sentiments shared in the article above.  99 cents is pretty cheap.  I’d be willing to take a chance that a book I buy for 99 cents might turn out to be badly written, or not follow through on the promise I sample before buying.

Multiple sales of 99 cent ebooks does not necessarily mean that book is a success.  In my opinion, a successful book is one the reader finishes and actually enjoys.  Another person might have a different opinion.  After all, whether the reader finishes the book, whether he enjoys it or not, the writer did get paid for the book, right?

What is success?  Getting paid for something, or doing it well?  You decide.


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