Marketing 101: Web Domains

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Marketing

I haven’t had a lot of time to research marketing yet.  I did get started, however.  One of the first and most basic things is to start a web page for the book(s) I am marketing.  So I decided to register a web domain for Painted Black even though I won’t have anything to add to the page for a while yet.

Since I already have a blog with Word Press and am getting pretty familiar with how Word Press works, I think for right now I want my book page to be with them.  I also thought that would make it easier to cross reference the book page with this blog on self publishing, and vice versa.

So my first step was registering a domain for the Self Publishing blog you are currently reading.  Maybe I didn’t need to spend money on that.  After all, isn’t that long of a web address.  But I thought debbiedowrite is perhaps not professional sounding enough (But definitely fun, don’t you think?)

Assigning a domain to a Word Press blog when you buy the domain through them is really easy.  I did it all through Word Press.  In account Settings, you click on Domains and it walks you through the steps, from searching for a name that isn’t taken through paying for it.

I ended up having to settle for since the first few options I tried were already taken.  I’m not entirely convinced this is better than the one that I got free when I first set up the blog.  What do you think?  Should I go back to the debbiedowrite one instead?

Next, I created a new blog for the book–or started one at any rate.  There’s nothing on it and it’s private so you can’t go to it yet.  I found that the most logical choice of paintedblack was already taken, so I had to settle for  However, when I went to buy a domain through Word Press for it, for some reason, it took the “l” off of novel.  When I went to and searched for, it worked just fine, so I ended up buying through them.

Then I went back to Word Press and tried to point the blog at  Word Press told me that address was already assigned to a DNS server (at GoDaddy–you can set up a web page directly through them) and advised me to go to my account with GoDaddy and change the DNS servers to the server names for Word Press.

This was a little more complicated and involved clicking around quite a bit before I figured out where to go to choose those settings.  I’m sure if you asked me to show you how I got there, I would not be able to tell you.  It wasn’t too extraordinarily difficult, but it was a little intimidating.  Luckily I’m a computer user who doesn’t freeze up thinking she’s going to totally screw things up by clicking the wrong link.

So now you can find my blog by going to and soon you will be able to find a web page about my book at  Cool, huh?

I would think the lesson learned from my first step in marketing is “Have No Fear.”  It’s an adventure, after all.  If you’re too frightened of being devoured by the lion, you shouldn’t be on the safari in the first place.  Just enjoy the trek.


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