Or Not

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Self Publishing, Small Presses

I started this blog with one idea.  To experiment with whether or not should self e-publish my suspense novel Painted Black.  The reason for that is I spent years writing, marketing, rewriting, marketing again and rewriting again that same novel.  It was time to get past the writer’s block that was me writing the same book over and over.

Where am I at four and a half months after I started this experiment?  Would you believe I am editing the manuscript once again?  Will I never learn?  But no, it’s not like that, really.

The truth is, instead of self e-publishing Painted Black, I signed a contract with a publishing company that is going to do that for me.  New Libri is an independent publishing company just drying out its wings here in Seattle.  I found out about it from someone I met at a University of Washington writing class a few years ago.  He is one of the principals starting up this new enterprise and remembers excerpts from Painted Black as it was undergoing its (what I thought was going to be) final rewrite before I retired it and committed myself to the next novel.

They will also eventually be offering, wait for it….. printed copies of Painted, courtesy of the POD (Print On Demand) services offered by Lightning Source, a division of Ingram Distributors. So my friends and family can choose to view the spawn of my twisted imagination by way of the medium of their choice: ebook or paperback.  Or not.

Which brings us to the title of this blog posting.  It turns out the answer to my Blog title  “To Self Publish or Not to Self Publish, That is the Question” is Or Not.  Because I will not be “self” epublishing Paint It Black after all.  I have, however, epublished two short stories, Peeling the Onion, and Red Light, Green Light, both of which are available in several ebook formats.

That means I have even more reason to research ways to market my work and myself.  So as soon as I get these last few edits done and turn in Painted Black for New Libri to start their epublishing moves, expect more posts about marketing and the brave new world of epublishing.


The Questions and Comments:

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